Attire Policy

Your borrowed gown or tuxedo is the property of the Midland Center for the Arts, and is on loan to you during the time that you are an active member of the Chorale. We expect that when you are no longer an active participating member of the Chorale that you will return it to the MCFTA.

If we find that the dress or tuxedo is not returned in good condition, we will notify you, first by phone or e-mail, then by letter, and finally will send a bill which will ask you to reimburse the MCFTA for the loaned costume. We presume/hope that this will happen on only rare occurrences.

All costumes are to be returned to the MCFTA cleaned. Tuxedos are to be dry cleaned. The dress and jacket should be hand washed with a mild soap and line dried. If you do not wring or twist the dress it will not wrinkle. If necessary, the dress can be ironed. No alterations are to be made to the dress except for hemming, and hems should preserve 5″ of length if possible. Any questions regarding attire should be directed to a member of the Chorale committee.

The Midland Center for the Arts has invested a great deal of money in these costumes. With proper care they should last a very long time. Thank you for helping ensure that we will have the use of these costumes for many years to come.



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