Eliza Hamilton’s Song

26 Aug 2018 Matt Travis

Hey, all! It’s time – LET’S DO THIS!

As many of you know, Hamilton has been a significant part of my life…

In 2015 for our second wedding anniversary, Amanda bought us tickets to see the show on Broadway, and the rest is history. 18 months later, several thousands of hours, and a defense later, I had completed my dissertation on choral function in the show. The more time I spent with the music, the more I loved it, and the more empowering I felt it was. In reading this paragraph, I realize that that sentence is a drastic understatement. Yes, Hamilton has been a significant part of my life, but seeing the show significantly changed and enriched my life.

To say that November 29, 2017 enriched and changed my life for the better is insufficient as I can’t appropriate articulate the meaning of that that day for Amanda and I. After B was born, on 11/29, I began to think differently, specifically, with regard to gender and gender equality. I find myself thinking about the subtle implications of my actions and comments differently – namely through the eyes and ears of my infant daughter.

While seemingly vastly unrelated, these two monumental events – Hamilton and Beatrice are, for me personally, inexplicably linked and represent the major influences behind this performance and this tribute to the life of Eliza Hamilton.

In Hamilton, Eliza and Alexander Hamilton discuss the idea of legacy – what is it? How do we define it? How will we be remembered when we are no longer here? Will we have done enough in our lifetimes? The legacy of this family is outlined in the final number, which we will sing with Lexi and Morgan, our guest artists from the Broadway company of the show.

A significant portion of the Hamilton legacy is “the orphanage” discussed in the final number – essentially the first private orphanage in New York City. This organization, with a new mission and emphasis still exists today, Graham Windham, which will be a partial beneficiary of this concert. Much like Voice of Baseball, I’ve chosen a number of important years in the life of Eliza and selected music around these years. Lexi and Morgan will read narrations outlining the life of this amazing woman highlighting her numerous accomplishments while outlining the era as a whole.

So what does the life of Eliza have to do with Baby B? It has everything to do with B. Commemorating the accomplishments and strength of incredible women is critical as we move toward equity. I can only imagine the perseverance required to be a woman in society today, much less in the 18th century. Like many of the women in this ensemble, Eliza is someone to whom B can admire – I look forward to sharing the stage with you.

Morgan Marcell discussing the Eliza Project:

Lexi Lawson:

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