25 Aug 2018 David Aukerman

Our new season starts on Monday, September 11. Are you excited?

Hi everyone! Whether you are continuing from last year, returning to Chorale after some time away, or joining the group for the first time, we are glad you are with us. As we get started this September, here are a few pointers:


More info will come soon, but here’s the skinny: auditions for Chorale will be held on Sunday, September 9.

Rehearsal Info

Rehearsals are Mondays at 7pm unless otherwise announced. We rehearse in the basement of the Midland Center for the Arts (MCFTA), in Rehearsal Room A (often abbreviated RRA). Use the entrance closest to Dow Gardens and head down the stairs or use the elevator. Rehearsal Room A is all the way down the hall to the right.

Annual Dues

Each singer is expected to pay membership dues annually to the Center for the Arts. If you sing in multiple groups, you only need to pay once per year. Dues are currently $75 per year. You may write a check to the MCFTA and turn it in to your section captain any time in September. These dues give you access to sheet music, performance folders, concert attire (tuxedos for men and dresses for women), and of course the expertise of our director and accompanist. If finances are an obstacle for you, please contact your section captain, because (limited) scholarships are available.


Your attendance at each rehearsal is very important, not just for your sake but for the sake of the group as well. You will receive your music at our first rehearsal. Please remember to bring your music and a pencil each week. If you have to miss a rehearsal, contact your section captain ahead of time. Communication is important!

Please avoid wearing perfumes or other strong smells to any rehearsal or concert. Some of our choir members are very sensitive to such smells. Thank you!

Website Resources

Rehearsal notes are posted to our website after each Monday’s rehearsal. If you miss a rehearsal, it is your responsibility to study these notes, mark your music with any changes that have been made, and return ready for rehearsal the next week.

Marked scores, YouTube videos, and other helpful resources will be posted to our website occasionally as well. Check back here often!